Posted on Dec 27, 2018

Mariners Insurance

In our previous blogs, we’ve talked about what you can do to give your boat a break for the winter, from storage to maintenance. Now it’s time to find places to take your boat out. Boating can be fun all year round if you know exactly where to go and how to stay safe. But while it would be nice, not everywhere has ideal winter boating conditions.

Across the world, many places become an entire winter wonderland during those months. When it’s icy, there’s no chance to do any regular boating. But there’s no reason to fear: there are places that you can boat where the temperatures are a lot warmer. Whether in the United States or a different part of the world, here’s some key winter boating destinations via Take me Fishing and Dream Yacht Charter. Don’t let the winter get you down; boating is still possible if you can find a place to go.

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